Harness? I don't even know her...

Why should i wear an harness?

From underground kink item to a gay fashion most have. 

Many people ask us, why would i wear an harness? what would it give me?

So to answer these questions, we're going to break it into 3 parts. first we need to understand that every guy see for himself the actual reason to wear one but we going to try cover some of these reasons.  

An HARNESS is a pure gay fashion item (read our previous chapters about harness history) that worn in a Varity of occasions, like: Parties, competitions, festivals and sexual gathering. can you guess our first reason yet? 

1. Social belonging   

the first reason is simply the sense of belonging, as gay culture evolves, and many sub groups are formed, it is sometimes hard for one individual to connect, and many gay guys feeling lonely.  one way to connect is through fashion and appearance, when you look a part you're a part. Wearing an harness gives you a pass way to several  gay communities such as: Leatherman, BDSM, Bears, puppies play and more. 

Maslow's (1954)  argued that survival needs must be satisfied before the individual can satisfy the higher needs. The higher up the hierarchy, the more difficult it is to satisfy the needs associated with that stage, because of the interpersonal and environmental barriers that inevitably frustrate us.

"Maslow pyramid of needs"     

Love and belongingness needs  refers to a human emotional need for interpersonal relationships, affiliating, connectedness, and being part of a group. Examples of belongingness needs include friendship, intimacy, trust, acceptance, receiving and giving affection, and love.

2. Sexual arousal 

Lets face the naked truth. wearing an harness is sexy AF! designed to bring out the masculinity and emphasize the male body and shape, wearing one is letting the crowd know, I'M here to play. A sophisticated system of colors evolved in gay communities in United states and Europe flags the different sexual preferences and fetish, making it easier creating connections between gay men. (you can read about it in our previous blog post).

Some people are aroused just from the touch of the leather on there skin, some are getting a kick from the feeling of getting restrained as an harness hugs the body tight. and somebody else can control them and pull them around. Some harnesses comes with additional stripes that connects to a cock-ring, or adding armband and chokers to get the full experience.

Shoulder harness and armband with cock-ring stripe connector. Harness&sons 2024

Leather choker, Harness&sons 2024


Fashion always seeks new ways of looks and trends, gay and sexual inspiration are coming out of the closet and becoming more mainstream. Big fashion houses and designers start showcasing harnesses on the runway. From DIOR to Rick Owens , we witness a verity of harnesses marching down the greatest fashion shows, with new ways to wear them, new materials, shapes and colors, on clothes, underneath a suit or plain bare chest. 

If you want to make a fashion statement wear an harness! all eyes on you for sure.


Dior homme, Paris, RTW 2017

Rick Owens, Paris, spring-summer 2023.

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