Art by LirsiT x La colture

The 10th anniversary of the print exhebition "La colture" called "graphic" has taken place at the old Jaffa flea market area "Amia'd center". curated by Itay balaish.

the exhibition concluded 170 artists from all over Israel and presented around 500 creations in verious of mediums, mainly prints. you could find: print screens, rizograph prints, digital prints, water colors, punch needle and special techniques.

The event spred on 3 days during the weekend of early April 7-9.

my selected piece called "so close to you" was presented with a number of other artists and seemed like the heart of the wall.

The piece is a digital print, in a A3 size delicate stripe texture paper.

The piece was made in 3 steps:

1. A digital illustration of 2 men holding each other. The illustration was inspired by the book "The joy of gay sex- an intimate guide for gay men to the pleasures of gay lifestyle" published in 1977, whirtten by charles silverstein and illustrated by F. Ronald Fowler.

2. The illustration was printed in RIZOGRAFH printer, with several random prints from old Japanise car magazine. the paper cuts was printed separately in 3 layers of colors: blue, yellow and pink. 

3. Collage- the different prints cut by hand and reconnected, creating 3 different art works with the main image of two men holding each other. then scanned and reprinted digitaly.

The peice was framed in a deep pink wooden frame.